Here’s a look into Blackstone Technology Group’s SOA engineering and architecture practice, and some interesting capabilities we’re deploying right now for Federal, State and Local Government and Public Service clients. Contact us here, or provide comments via any one of our social media channels.

An SOA infrastructure environment provides the foundation and plumbing for business services within the enterprise. Business service providers and consumers rely on the SOA infrastructure to provide an expected quality of service that is often difficult to verify before providers and consumers begin to leverage the infrastructure. Once problems arise, it may be difficult to determine the root cause of an issue especially when the SOA infrastructure and business services have different owners. In order to separate issues between the infrastructure and the services and hopefully prevent the blame game, comprehensive testing of the infrastructure must be performed to validate its capabilities and performance.

Without leveraging business services, an approach to testing an SOA infrastructure is to develop mock-scenarios that simulate real world use cases. To minimize complexity, each mock-scenario will often include just a subset of components within the SOA infrastructure and may not utilize all possible transport interfaces for a particular component. To provide full coverage of the infrastructure, a series of mock-scenarios will need to be developed with each scenario testing a particular area in the infrastructure. This approach gets the job done by ensuring that every component is tested, but will quickly show its limitations when scenarios need to be altered to perform root cause analysis, understand the diagnostics of an individual component within the infrastructure, or when new components are introduced.

For a current Federal Homeland Security Information-Sharing initiative, we’ve implemented a highly-efficient and data-driven framework to test an enterprise-scale, highly available SOA infrastructure environment. In the same amount of time that it took to previously build a single test scenario, we were able to develop the initial framework implementation that can quickly support multiple scenarios that include any permutation of components and transports.

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