A “PM Corner” Excerpt – by Jay Demas, PMP

As an often under-appreciated or behind-the-scenes element of many Government or Commercial IT programs, “Project Management” is the discipline that provides the planning and resource scheduling necessary to turn IT budgets into clear and successful returns on investment. Blackstone Technology Group delivers program and project management consulting for IT implementation activities large and small, and we continually rely on the expertise and continuing education of our project managers to deliver success across all client engagements.

If you’re seeking training or more information about project management (whether you’re new to the project management field or already a veteran), there are many resources available to you. A great place to start is the Project Management Institute (PMI) at www.pmi.org. PMI is an international, not for profit, leading membership association for the project management profession. Your membership to PMI includes access to information on certifications, training, degrees, and jobs. In addition, you’ll have access to many PM publications, a virtual library, and a research area. As a member of PMI, you have the ability to extend to membership to local PMI Chapter, PMI Specific Interest Groups (SIGs), and PMI Colleges.

If you don’t find all the information you need from PMI, check out PMForum at http://www.pmforum.org/, the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (asapm) at http://www.asapm.org/, or the International Project Management Association (IPMA) at http://www.ipma.ch/. Each of these organizations is looking at project management from different perspectives – be sure to evaluate multiple sites to find those that meet your needs.

Perhaps you’re looking to network with other Project Managers? Most people think you have to go to training to meet other project management enthusiasts. However, there are many project management events locally, stateside, international, and even some at sea! In the DC area, for example, you can be invited to attend breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and socials. In addition, there are symposiums, seminars, conferences, and webinars. Some of these events are free or require just a small fee.

More upcoming project management industry event information can be found here:


For more information or career opportunities regarding IT Program Management or Project Management, or to find someone with IT Project Management expertise (with either commercial or government contextual experience), contact Blackstone Technology Group.